The World’s Happiest Jobs

The World’s Happiest Jobs

I love my job, I love my job…


Are you happy in your job?

This may be a difficult question for some. Are you actually happy in your job or are you just grateful to have a job.

Being happy in your job means different things for different people. Looking at these factors will enable you to gauge if you really are achieving job satisfaction.

  1. Challenge– Is the work you’re doing challenging you and are you getting better at what you do? We must learn new and exciting things in order to grow
  2. Self-Awareness– Are you self aware so that you know whether or not you’re satisfied with your work life? If you’re not aware, you won’t know how to change it.
  3. Variety– Is there enough variety in your work to keep you interested? Some of us get bored really easily. The moment boredom sets in productivity goes down.
  4. Knowing Your Options– Do you know what options you have available to you in your work life? Learn how much wiggle room you have to improve your situation at work.
  5. Positive Attitude– Are you able to keep a positive attitude while doing your work (most of the time)? Staying positive can be challenging if you really don’t like what you’re doing or if there are things lacking in your work life.
  6. A Sense of Purpose– Is the work you’re doing meaningful and helpful to others? When we have a “greater good” connection to our work, it often doesn’t feel like work…it feels more like fun and enjoyment.
  7. Work-Life Balance – Are you enjoying your time outside of work with family and friends? Your work life should not dictate your home life. My philosophy is that your career should support your lifestyle…not the other way around.

Recent research into which jobs in particular have the most satisfied employees came up with a list of six leading careers. So, what can you do to be more satisfied at work? Well, one answer could be studying towards a career change towards one of the world’s happiest jobs.

According to the research results Farm workers, Hairdressers and Beauticians narrowly missed out being included, as did members of the Clergy. However these jobs came out on top;



Being an Engineer has been ranked top of the list with the happiest job around!

Engineers gain satisfaction through creating new designs offering solutions to industry problems – and seeing their designs transferred into a commercial reality. This job allows a lot of freedom to test my ideas, make decisions and have access to state-of-the-art technology whilst learning new skills on a daily basis. If you’re interested in having the happiest job around, why not check out our courses


Second ranked on the list came through as a Teacher.

Teaching is such a satisfying and overall rewarding career, especially watching children make leaps in learning and knowing you have the opportunity to change society for the better. Such variety and creativity with the job also – doing drama in the morning, English later and then learning about History of Vikings by the afternoon. Young people are great to work with; they have humour, intelligence and generally want to make the world a better place.



Third happiest job in the world was a Nurse.

Making Nurses happy at work is the feeling when you have made a real positive impact on a patient. You really get the chance to meet some really inspirational people everyday and once you go home you know you’ve helped a sick patient and their family – you’ve made a difference. And from a professional perspective, you are constantly learning about lots of different conditions and hospital equipment.


Medical Practitioner

Medical Practitioner was ranked forth.

They are happiest in their job when getting the opportunity to meet fascinating patients and improve their quality of life. Being part of a team adds to the job satisfaction – working is never boring and their working days are often quite different. Often from leading a ward round, other days attending outpatient clinics or dropping everything and rushing to A&E.



Gardening came in fifth place!

Gardening is so freeing – being outdoors and working with nature and the changing seasons. There is such variety with this job such as different landscapes bring new challenges and ideas. Some of the most brutal landscapes can be transformed by nature. Every hour of every day is different and the scenery is spectacular.


Construction Worker

Construction is sixth in the list for World’s Happiest jobs!

A career in construction means working in the fresh air and with a wide range of skilled people. It provides a high level of job satisfaction, bring together materials and with individual skills and the end being able to say “I made that” can be very rewarding. You work you all relay on one another as a team to bring the project together.


Personal Assistant

Personal Assistant ranked in sixth place! A PA to the Management level or CEO allows you to gain an insight into all aspects of the organisation’s work, which means you can see the big picture.

You are working as a support to Directors helping them work towards achieveing more with their time. This work is very diverse, each day is very different and it takes strong organisation skills.

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