Got a whole heap of questions? Find out more below:

How do I get started and where do I find my online materials?

Once you have successfully enrolled, you will automatically be sent a confirmation by email. Your Employment and Education consultant is available for any questions you have and will ensure a smooth transition to your chosen College. You are then ready to embark on your study journey.

Do I get printed materials sent to me or is it all online?

All of the materials and resources you need are available online, so you will not receive anything in the post. Everything is accessible on your College website. Of course, you may choose to print any of your online materials if you wish to refer to them offline.

Can I study Full Time and Part Time?

Yes. Online study means you study where and when you want. Still working? – No problem. Need to pick up the kids? – No problem. You have the ultimate flexibility to structure your study around your own life.

Do I need to attend exams?

No. There are no formal exams.

How long does it take to get marked assignments back?

The assessments are marked and returned to you with written feedback and deemed either competent or not-yet competent within 72 hours of your submission.

Are there any deadlines to submit my assignments?

As you work through the workbook and see the assessments, you will see that there are recommended due dates for the assignments. However the courses with our Colleges are designed with flexibility at the forefront, therefore use these due dates as guidelines and remember, your Mentor is available to help you with all of your assignments.

What equipment do I need to study online?

You will need an email account, a computer and basic software, such as Microsoft Word and of course, a reliable high-speed Internet connection. Any specific technology requirements are listed on each of the relevant courses pages.

Can I have a look at the course site for a demonstration?

Some Colleges offer a demonstration which is conducted by telephone and utilizes screen-sharing technology, a Student Services team member will help you get started with your Diploma course and answer any questions you might have.  If your College offers this service, we strongly recommend you sign up for a remote demonstration, which covers the following information and provides a great start to your studies: Workbook – how to access the workbook and what it entails, Forum – how to get involved in the online forum, Upload assessments – how to upload your assessments, Additional resources – information about additional resources on the site that will be helpful with your studies, Sessions sections – how the sessions are split up, RPL, Centrelink letter and course cost – how this works and what it means for you.

Do you offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the formal acknowledgment of your existing skills and knowledge.  It’s based on the premise that you do not need to undertake training for skills you already possess. Your current skills and knowledge may have been obtained through: Formal training, work experience or life experience. The RPL application process requires you to provide evidence of, or demonstrate, your current ability to perform the requirements of a subject(s) within your course. If you can show that you have the required skills or knowledge then you will be granted RPL, and exempt from completing the work required for that subject. Refer to your Colleges RPL Policy and Procedures for more detail.

What support do you provide?

Student Services Support

Our friendly student services team is available to assist you with any student administration inquiry by telephone or email. For any complaints or issues please see our policy here>

Trainer Support

Your experienced trainer and mentor are available to offer help and advice at every stage of the course, starting with a welcome telephone call during orientation. Throughout your studies, you can contact your trainer with any course-related query via telephone, email and online portal? As you may be juggling study with work or other commitments, your trainer is also available to assist at designated times outside of business hours.

Technical Support?

The technical support team is available to assist you with features and functionality and other general technical enquiries.

Career Support

We understand that our courses are a pathway to your new career, so our support goes beyond helping you achieve qualifications. As you approach graduation, our Colleges may assist you with a range of complimentary career support services to ensure you are ‘job-ready’ and can hit the ground running. These range from establishing/updating your LinkedIn profile, providing a résumé review and a telephone consultation with a Careers Coach.

Where can I find my Tax File Number?

On your income tax notice of assessment, on any correspondence with the Australian Tax Office, on a payment slip – for example, from your employer or you can call the ATO on 13 28 61 between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Can i get a refund if i changed my mind about a course?

We know that embarking on a course of study for your future is a big step and sometimes you can question your choice.
No refunds are given if you simply change your mind however, in the event you have trialed your chosen course and in the first 28 days decide it is not for you, let us know and E&E will assist you to transfer to another course of your choice from the same provider with no transfer fees.