E&E Recruitment

On your way to completing your qualification? Or Congratulations! You’ve finished it?

It’s great to know that Employment and Education doesn’t leave you out in the cold!  We are with you every step of the way in assisting you to make your journey from QUALIFIED to EMPLOYED a whole lot easier.


Sounds Cool?  Read On!


Our Employment and Education specialist recruitment team assists you with resume building, cover letters that stand out from the crowd and written and verbal personalised introductions to employers. We take the headache out of complicated on-line applications that end up getting lost in cyberspace, never to be heard of again.  Sounds familiar?


We have access to over thousands of employers nationwide and our unique recruitment interface matches you with potential employers and keeps you in the loop with how you are progressing along the way.


That’s the incentive and added extra that puts Employment and Education ahead of all the rest.


You talk. We listen, even after you’ve hung your Diploma on the wall.